NVI: Siren of Gunnedah opening night fast approaching

In just a week, the Sirens of Gunnedah will be revealed.

The massive conceptual exhibition will open on November 22 at the Gunnedah Bicentennial Creative Arts Gallery and for the first time, 51 women will see themselves on display.

The exhibition is the culmination of 18 months work and 44 photo shoots for Two Cats Creative’s Alyssa Barwick and Marie Low, both former NVI staff.

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Sirens range in age from 16 to 70s and the creative duo say people will “see each other in a different light” when the portraits are unveiled.

“It started as an idea to create something special for women during this difficult time – not just a portrait, but a whole experience,” Ms Barwick said.

“Some of the women have used this to do something they have always wanted to try – to see themselves as something other than what they are in their everyday lives.

“We want to surprise both our sirens and their families and friends with an image that captures another side to them.”

The duo said it “wasn’t as hard we thought” to choose one photo of each siren because “in most shoots, there was one stand-out portrait”.

“I think we’ve made a few brave choices in our photos,” Ms Low said.

“We’re both relieved that in all of our photo shoots, we found something that we really loved.”

The pair said they were really excited about opening night and encouraged locals to wear vintage or retro clothes “to be part of the fun and atmosphere”. There will also be some surprises.

“It’s been a huge adventure for us and we’re had absolutely amazing support from businesses and the community. We’re really appreciative of people’s enthusiasm and generosity,” Ms Low said.

“It’s more than we ever expected.”

The event will be emceed by Sheila Work, aka Bryce Ellis, and officially opened by the mothers of the creative duo.

“We wanted special women to open it and the most special women in our lives are our mums,” Ms Low said.

“We really hope the opening night will be something really special during this time of drought to remind, particularly women, that there is something special about them.”

  • Doors will open at 6pm. Entry is free but locals can make a donation to Share a Dignity at the door.
  • Merchandise and limited edition prints will be available.
  • The exhibition will be on display until January 18

By Vanessa Hohnke / November 14, 2019 / Source: www.nvi.com.au

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