NVI: Sirens of Gunnedah exhibition in last days

The Sirens of Gunnedah exhibition has exceeded expectations.

More than 2000 locals checked out the unique display of more than 50 conceptual portraits of Gunnedah women at the Bicentennial Creative Arts Gallery.

The dynamic duo behind the photography collection are Marie Low and Alyssa Barwick – Two Cats Creative – who wanted to show locals a different side of the women who live in their communities.

Gunnedah Shire Council’s cultural precinct team leader, Lauren Mackley, said it was one of the biggest exhibitions held in the gallery, drawing 350 more people than average into the gallery per month.

“It’s a beautiful contemporary exhibition. It’s definitely groundbreaking for Gunnedah,” Ms Mackley said.

“It’s an exhibition that has had a huge amount of positive feedback … everyone has been really supportive – the community has loved seeing local people, local artists, local faces – and that’s a testament to how much people support our arts scene in Gunnedah.

“Some people were very well disguised but every single portrait has a life of its own. Every single portrait is so different.

“The community has really supported these women and it’s a very different way to get people to enjoy the art space.”

Two Cats: Alyssa Barwick and Marie Low are behind the Sirens of Gunnedah exhibition.

 Two Cats Creative: Alyssa Barwick and Marie Low are behind the Sirens of Gunnedah exhibition.

Ms Mackley said the exhibition highlighted the expertise of not just Two Cats Creative but also makeup artists, hairdressers and the numerous other locals who were involved.

“I think this experience has made them incredibly professional businesswomen and it has been a wonderful learning experience,” she said.

“It was just the seed of an idea, and to see them get their heads around how to deliver something in a gallery space was wonderful, but also a credit to the calibre of, and their dedication to, their art.”

Ms Low was staggered by the number of people who went along to see their work.

“It’s been an overwhelming and humbling response. We are so happy that other people have been able to see our vision – and they seem to have loved it,” she said.

Last chance

Sirens of Gunnedah wraps up at 2pm on Saturday, January 18.

By Vanessa Hohnke / January 17, 2020 / Source: www.nvi.com.au

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